Professional Licensure

At Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP, Dan Connor represents professionals including pharmacists, dentists and technicians, medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, funeral directors and embalmers, both to preserve professional licenses and to defend the professional who is charged with violating the criminal law or professional standards.

In most cases, professionals whose licenses are in jeopardy do not retain a lawyer until they are charged with a crime and/or their license is suspended by the State of Ohio. A professional should seek legal counsel immediately upon discovering that his or her conduct is under scrutiny by either the employer, the State licensing board or the police. Obtaining legal counsel early substantially enhances the professional's opportunity to stay completely outside the criminal justice system and to shorten or eliminate the time during which the license will be suspended by the applicable State board.

Most professional people feel that because of their education, training and experience, they can "explain their way through" the allegations. Rather, at the first sign of an inquiry, a licensed professional should retain legal counsel.

Dan has been through the process many times and can objectively analyze the situation, can assist and advise the professional with crucial decision-making and create a buffer between the professional and the accusers or State board.

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