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The best legal defense of a DUI / OVI charge can only be afforded by attorneys with solid experience in the criminal system and detailed knowledge of chemical tests, breath tests, and other police techniques used on drivers.

At Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP, former police officer and prosecuting attorney Dennis P. Evans and longtime defense attorney Daniel D. Connor have handled thousands of DUI cases and have a thorough knowledge of the machines and procedures used by police to test a driver's alcohol/drug levels. Both Dan and Dennis have taught at many seminars attended by lawyers regarding DUI Defense and breath and chemical testing devices.

Dan and Dennis also have decades of experience in the Franklin County Courts, as well as courts in Lancaster, Newark, London, Delaware and Union and Pickaway counties and the various Mayor's Courts of the area. Their familiarity with these court systems and the propensities of the various judges help them advise their clients on the most difficult decisions and defense strategies.

It is important for all to remember that a drunk driving conviction remains on one's record for life and for the safety of all the best policy is: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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Ohio Penalties for Drinving Under the Influence


Jail Time 3 Days 180 Days
Fine $325 $1,075
Suspension 6 Months 3 Years
Vehicle & Plate Restrictions

Mandatory restricted plates for high tests and refusals (if convicted of OVI within last 20 years)


Within 6 years of 1st MINIMUM MAXIMUM
Jail Time 10 Days* 1 Year
Fine $475 $1,625
Suspension 1 Year 5 Years
Vehicle & Plate

Immobilization of vehicle for 90 days and mandatory restricted plates


Within 6 years of 1st MINIMUM MAXIMUM
Jail Time 30 Days* 1 Year
Fine $800 $2,750
Suspension 1 Year 10 Years
Vehicle & Plate Restrictions

Forfeiture of vehicle and mandatory restricted plates

* 72 hours Alcohol Rehabilitation Program may be available to 1st time offenders in lieu of 3 days in jail.
* Minimum jail time doubled for high alcohol tests or refusal of alcohol test if prior conviction within past 20 years.